Buddhadeb Bhattacharya Buddhadeb Bhattacharya

Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya will have to ought to his own party members in order to conquer the throne of C.M ship. (Dec 31, 1991)

Holding the position of W.B. C.M in his grasp Mr.B.Bhattacharya will be fearful of his own party members during the election atmosphere. In the forthcoming election of Bidhansabha Sri Bhattacharya will head on very fearfully and will attain victory but, he will have to struggle alot in order to attain the C.M's position. (Dec 31, 2000)

C.M of West Bengal Sri B.Bhattacharya will continue to run the govt. successfully. He will not be affected by the critism and obstacles. He will continue to play his part in political theatre. (Jan 2002)

Rajnath Singh Rajnath Singh

Sri Rajnath Singh will shift his concentration from U.p politics to high degree Delhi politics. (Dec 31, 1999)

In the forthcoming election Rajnath Singh will be able to brighten up his image in U.P and also he will be able to reach in central govt. (Jan 2002)

Mulayam Singh Mulayam Singh

Mr.Mulayam Singh would be successful in Uttarpradesh. (Feb 8, 1995)
Verappan Verappan

Verappan will continue to be the king of the jungle in Karnataka. (Dec 31, 2000)

If Central Govt. have some propensity to seize Verappan then they may become successful. (Jan, 2002)

Sri Arjun Singh is going to ditch Congress and at the same time Sri Ajit SIngh will join Congress and gets a berth in the ministry. (Jan 8, 1995)

Tantrik Chandraswami

Tantrik Chandraswami to face problem and is most likely to be arrested. By 1997 Chandraswami's entire power would be ceased and he would be under great mental tension and pressure. He is going to face rigrous imprisonment and his fall is sure. Even his associates would be under serious problem and trouble. (Nov 4, 1995)

The stars of Tantrik Chandraswami and Sri Rao clashes and due to this they would meet with the same fate. (April 26, 1996)

This whole year Tantrik Chandraswami will be in tangled in his court cases. He will not be able to leave the country. (Dec 31, 1999)

Governor Viren J.Shah

W.B's governor Mr.Viren J Shah will prove a good support to W.B C.M Sri B.Bhattacharya. Mr.Viren J Shah will be more successful in doing the welfare. (Jan 2002)

Governor Vishnukant Shastri

UP's BJP govt. will highly appreciate the governor Mr.Vishnukant Shastri will favour prove to be more supportive in the favour of BJP. (Jan 2002)

BJP Party BJP Party

BJP will rise as a stronger party of the nation. (1995)
BJP to form govt. in Gujarat. (Dec 15, 1995)
Rise of BJP power in Delhi. (Nov 24, 1993)
BJP will rise in West Bengal. (Jan 7, 1998) 
BJP will rule strongly. (2000)

BJP will have to go through tough time regarding the Ram Mandir issue in Ayodhya. Opposition will continue to pull down the govt. (Dec 31, 2000)

Ayodhya issue will rise once more and oppsition will attack on ruling party i.e NDA Govt. (Jan, 2002)

Congress Party Congress Party

Congress party would face defeat. (Jan 8, 1995)
Congress to assume power in Orrisa. (Mar 8, 1995)
Janata Dal

Karnataka govt. will face problem and the leadership of the Chief Ministry is also in trouble. The influence of Janata Dal also increases. (Dec 7, 1994)

Share Market

The predictions of the people that the market will have a boom would be wrong and the share market will plunge down and the traders will face an uphill task now. (Oct 24, 1994)

Banks and Financial institutions would be well of quite financially. (Dec 18, 1991)

The financial relationship between India and U.K will become more stable and stronger than U.S.A. (2000)

Many new faces will emerge in Financial field like Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh (Jan, 2002)

Cricket Cricket

India will win the Hero-Cup. (Nov 27, 1993)

A serious natural calamity in a weeks from 24/9 onwards in Western India and later earthquake accured on 30th Sept 93. (Sept 8, 1993)

Kashmir militants who had stormed Hazaratbal would surrender by 6th or 15th Nov 1993. (Nov 3, 1993)

Mr.Gorbachev would be defeated in the elections by a drastic majority. (Sep 4, 1991)
India's internal structure of defence will raise some question. (Jan, 2000)
Kashmir issue will remian as it is. (Jan, 2000)

Unlimited terrorism will be seen lesser in amount in eastern parts like Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunanchal Pradesh, Bhutan and Nepal. But complete end of terrorism will not be found. (Jan, 2000)

The number of unions Ulfa, Boro, J.M.M and many more like them will increase day by day. (Jan, 2002)

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