P.M Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee P.M Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee to become as Prime Minister for some days. (Dec 20, 1995)

Atal Bihari Vajpayee will get one renowed post this year. He will be honoured by the opposition party. (Jan 8, 1995)

Indias horscope favours the Bharatiya Janata Party. And going by the position of the stars, Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee has tangible possibilities of securing the post of future P.M.(Jan 8, 1995)

Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee would be the next P.M (April 28, 1996 )

During May 29,30 to July 31 P.M Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Health will be down and it will lead to hospitalisation. (Dec 31, 1999)

During March and April Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee will have to face some serious problems regarding his health and position. (Dec 31, 2000)

P.V Narasimha Rao P.V Narasimha Rao

Sri P.V Narsimha Rao would face a tough time in Parliment. (July 18, 1991)
Sri P.V Narsimha Rao would come out of the Parliment as a winner. (July 18, 1993)
Sri P.V Narsimha Rao will face a difficult time now. (Nov 24, 1993)

Mr.P.V Narshima Rao fares favourably from his own constituencies he will not be in a position to rule as the head of the country. This year the elections results are under a cloud all the more because of the impasse of the Congress Party, torn apart by internal strife. But irrespective of the final outcome of the fourthcoming elections, India will face mid-term polls. If the BJP comes to power at the centre the country will again go for elections in 1998. (May 5, 1996)

Some of important members of the congress party are going to be suspended due to which the party will face a tough time. The declaration of Sri Rao that he would be bogged down by internal problems and charges of corruption. (Jan 10, 1995)

Sri Rao would face bad days as allegation of corruption mount against him and there are chances that he would be imprisoned too. (April 20, 1996)

Coming period for Sri Rao is quite harmful and he is going to be under serious problems and there chances of his imprisonment. He is only day dreaming and he will never become P.M in future. (April 26, 1996)

Had Sri Rao been a bachelor he would have been a renowed figure and would have become quite famous as Dr.B.C Roy. (May 5, 1996)

X Prime Minister P.V Nasimha Rao will be seen in a better psition now. The different court cases against him will give him ease during the month of March to May. He will see the fresh air. (Jan 2002)

Rajiv Gandhi Rajiv Gandhi

The present election would prove to be quite tough and dear for Sri Rajiv Gandhi and he might win also but at the cost of his life. The goverment will fall and during election there will be activities of violence. Sri Rajiv Gandhi should take guard against unknown woman. (May 20, 1991)

Sonia Gandhi Sonia Gandhi

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi would not like to have the post of president in Congress-party. (June14, 1991)

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi will not be able to convince Mamta Banerjee to join her party. (Dec 31, 2000)

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi will become the President of the congress party but if will not bring any gain to the country as well as the party. (Jan 8, 1998)

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will not get the PM's position now. Sonia Gandhi will try hard to unite her party and make its stronger but she won't get much success.(Jan 1, 2002)

In absence of political equation opposition leader Mrs.Sonia Gandhi will be unable to unite Congress Party due to that she will feel guilty and depressed to herself. (Jan 1, 2002)

Mrs.Gandhi will be unable to convince Mr.Naresh Chand Agarwal, Mr.Sharad Pawar and Mr.P.A Sangma to join her party again. (Jan 1, 2002)

Morarji Desai Morarji Desai

Sri Morarji will just not complete his century. (Sep14, 1988) (Jan 8, 1995)
Chandrashekhar Chandrashekhar

The ministryof Chandrashekhar would face problem and regigination would be submitted by on 28th Feb Chandrashekhar would resign. (Jan 30, 1991)

H.D.Devegaura H.D.Devegaura

After the present elections a new face will emerge for the post of P.M and the person would be in the age range of 50-60 Yrs and the duration of his ruling will be short (April 28, 1996)


The well known politician of South India, Leader of AIADMK party, Miss J.Jayalalitha will take over the CM's position during the month of Feb and March. Unfortunately, the court cases will continue in the near future also. (Jan 2002)

Mamta Banerjee

Mamta Banerjee will join the BJP party shaking hands with BJP will bring a new sunshine in Mamta's life and to her party TMC. (Dec 22, 1997)

Mamta Banerjee and Tapan Sikdar will play a vital role for West Bengal. Their contribution will be tremendous and astonishing in future. (Dec 31, 1999)

Mamta Banerjee will ought to herself in her own political gain and will have to face the problem. (Dec 31, 2000)

Mamta Banerjee will not be in the same position as earlier. Its good for her if she concentrate more on her party. So, she can be inner more stable position in future. (Jan 2002)

Mamta Banerjee's political guru Mr.Ajit Panja will bring some new problems in front of his pupil Miss Mamta Banerjee. Therefore she will be unable to get any post in the Central Govt. (Jan 2002)

Jyoti Basu Jyoti Basu

C.M of West Bengal Mr.Jyoti Basu won't leave bengal and would remain as the C.M. (April 28, 1996) (Jan 8, 1995)

C.M of West Bengal Mr.Jyoti Basu will not take part in the coming Vidhansabha election. His health will be very low and alarming during the month of Jan and Feb. The understanding between W.B Govt and Central Govt. will be at high. (Dec 31, 1999)

The support with which Mr.Jyoti Basu will try to reach the central will become numb in the middle. The understanding between Jyoti Basu, H.D.Dvegaura and Chandrashekhar will prove to be useless. They will not reach their destination and split. So once again Mr.Basu's dream of becoming the Prime Minister proved to be absurd. I made it clear in a newspaper during April 96 that Jyoti Basu will never become P.M. (Dec 31, 2000)

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