Pandit Jyotirmalee is a well known astrologer. His grandfather Sri Lakshmi Narayan Mishra was a famous astrologer. His father Sri Dr.Rangilal Mishra was a doctor. So, he was always leaned towards the educational field. He did his schooling then came to Bengal for higher stidies. Here he studied "Ayurveda" because his father wanted him to be a doctor. But he was more interested in astrology field. So, after completing doctrate he left the practise very soon. He completed M.A and Sahityaratna. He further proceeded his interest in astrology. Then he did Jyotishacharya, "Jyotish Tirth" (W.B Govt.). Since last 30 yrs he is practising astrology and helping people to get rid of problems and better their future.